“Mad Max: Fury Road” Blu Ray Special Features Review

This weekend I finally got my gritty hands on the home release of “Mad Max: Fury Road”. And even though there’s no black-and-white, extended cut on here as was hinted at earlier this year, it still boasts some excellent special features for any fan out there. And almost all of it will give you an even great appreciation for George Miller’s epic return to the Wasteland.

I don’t need to go into detail about the film here, since chances are you saw this in the theatre. I consider it one of the greatest Action / Adventure movies of modern times, a breath-taking masterpiece of blending CG backgrounds with practical vehicles, and a shining performance in Charlize Theron’s career. If yu have the misfortune of missing out on seeing this on the big screen, go get it now and let the film speak for itself. Either way, you’ll be interested in finding out what goodies you get with your Blu Ray.

There’s plenty of segmented features on here to admire. “Mamimum Fury: Filming Fury Road” takes you behind the scenes to give you a look at the early storyboarding process while helped develop the movie, as well as going onto the set to see how it was all put together. The storyboards themselves are incredible, especially considering how often big blockbusters shy away from this technique. On set in the flat plains of Namibia, you really get a sense of how massive and daunting a task George Miller and his team had set themselves. There are so many detailed aspects that have to work, have to look right, and are constantly set against demanding conditions and difficulties.

“Mad Max: Fury on Four Wheels” gives a view into how each vehicle was designed and created. Yep, all the vehicles are real with working engines, transmissions, and even weaponry. If you ahve seen the movie, you know just how much this element raised the quality level and the dial on the Awesome-o-Meter. The highlights are the War Rig (Furiosa’s means of travel), and the insane Gigahorse (Immortan Joe’s prized death-mobile), both of which are custom built from scrap cars and lorries. It is kind of a jaw-dropping sight seeing these on the sands during takes, doing all of the stunts and action you saw in the movie. Especially for car fans, this feature is a real treat.

Next up is “The Road warriors: Max and Furiosa”, where Charlese Theron and Tom Hardy discuss their characters from both a physical and emotional level. It is an interesting piece, both clearly have built up a great understanding for their characters, and especially their relationship throughout the film. You get glimpses of how Furiosa’s robotic hand was integrated into the shots, and Tom Hardy speaks of how he felt about taking up Mel Gibson’s role as Max.

“The Tools of the Wasteland” is an excellent piece that takes a look at all the small little details placed on the props, costumes, and vehicles. Everything was custom made from old garbage, with Miller setting out from the start that they should look like how a Wasteland society would make items of art. And they indeed are, the stuff the team constructed are AMAZING. From Immortan Joe’s symbol embossed into the interior roof of the War Rig, to the steering wheels which are all different, and all have an individual story behind them. It is mind-boggling to think how a studio couls place so much focus on aesthetics, it is like witnessing “The Fellowship of the Ring” for the first time all over again. Film fans will adore this, and I certainly did as well.

“The Five Wives: So Shiny, So Chrome” covers the roles of Immortan Joe’s wives in the film, which was certainly one of the big emotional beats of the story. They were the reason why everything that happened, happened. And we get to hear from the actresses how they coped with portraying these difficult acting roles, and what they themselves thought of the significance of this storyline. I appreciate that this part was added into the special features, so much of Fury Road relied on this element feeling genuine and capturing the audience, and through the direction and actresses, I think they achieved that very well.

And finally, we have “Fury Road: Crash and Smash”, which featured unedited, unaltered video of the action sequences with the vehicles. And this nails down the height of the achievement that was reached. Massive crashes happening at high speed, practical camera shots, fantastic settings, and lots of explosive. Not a single Green Screen is in sight and that kind of solidifies just how insanely dangerous everything they did was.

There are also a few deleted scenes on here too, but sadly (as far as I know) no commentary for the feature itself. It is such a common thing to see on Blu Rays these days that seeing it omitted is a tad disappointing. But that aside, I am very pleased with this Blu ray. “Mad Max: Fury Road” succeeds on so many levels that it is impossible to pin down one aspect that makes it work. And the special features show how everything on the set had to meet an absurdly high level of detail and dedication. This will set very, very well in your collection, and I definitely see it being a big seller in 2015.


Thanks for reading!


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