“Ride Along 2” Movie Review


The Police Comedy, an inclusion in any film fan’s vocabulary. And a genre that no matter what year, or what decade, still manages to come back and get buts in seats at the cinema. But with the likes of “22 Jump Street” making a big name for themselves, can this sequel make an impression, or a twenty-minute yelling at by the Commissioner?

Well to start, I didn’t see the first “Ride Along” movie, nor that it seems to really matter though since the story here is very straight forward. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return as the most unlikely of pairings, as they are forced to work together to take out a crime lord in Miami which is connected to a cyber-hacking. Hart’s character is also getting ready to marry the sister of Ice Cube’s character (Olivia Munn). Which of course, causes its own problems for the duo.


To call this plot “simplistic” would be to staple it to the definition of simplistic in the Hollywood Movie Dictionary. Me and my friend was eating pizza and talking through the movie, and didn’t really seem to miss out on anything besides the odd comedic set up. The settings are as you would expect, the tone of humour is aimed right at the target audience, and you get your required level of car chased, gun fights, and nice explosions. I mean on paper, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult recipe to mess up, right?
Well, we would be saying that if it weren’t for the arrival of “21 Jump Street” and the sequel onto the field. Because in very little time, they raised the bar these comedies could reach so high so rapidly, that I was convinced that the other studios would be activly shredding their proposed scripts in despair.
And that is the fate which kind of should have fallen upon “Ride Along 2”. I mean, Ice Cube is okay for the role he is in – kind of a bad ass, played a little flat but done so as to work against Kevin Hart. At least he isn’t in a damm kid’s movie, we can say that much. As for Hart… you’re either going to love him or jam earplugs into the side of your head after ten minutes of his overly-frantic yelling. I will be fair and say that he had some moments that made me chuckle, his charisma and energy doesn’t elevate the bland script but every now and then he delivers a line with a good effect. The side-characters are un-memorable sadly, I would like to say the head of the Police Force shouted and threw shit about in a funny manner but, I just cant remember.


There is a gag done with one of the car chases, where Kevin’s character envisions it as a Grand Theft Auto-style videogame. And for a while that did work kind of well. The blue Jag they have is fucking sweet, and the explosions have that very satisfying BOOM to them that any action movie requires. If you’re having a drunken night in and throwing this on as some background entertainment, it won’t be that bad. You could choose far worse for sure.
But in light of the Jump Street series, this never even remotely matches the gut-busting humour they do. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart just don’t have that electric dynamism going on, the comedic sketches are too standard, the action pieces have only brief moments of creativity, and all in all… it feels like a lesser product. Something you might giggle at once, and then forget after a week. There’s not enough here for me to recommend it, but if you are all hyped to check it out, knock yourself out.


And yeah, sorry for this being a shorter review than my usual fare. It is hard to discuss these kind of films in depth, and I was half-drunk on pizza at the time too. You’ll have to forgive me on this one guys.



Thanks for reading!


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