“The Boss” DVD Movie Review


Melissa McCarthy is an actress that I have found myself rooting for more than not, especially when her performance in last year’s “Spy” led to a properly enjoyable and fun comedy. She definitely has the talent when the right team and script are behind her. This? Well, whatever label you would give to the opposite end of the spectrum, this would fit into that.

To keep the synopsis short and sweet, a multi millionaire businesswoman  falls from grace when she is sent to prison for some kind of trading fraud that isn’t entirely elaborated. After her release and with all her worldly possessions gone, she falls upon one of her previous employees (Kristen Bell) which leads to the ludicrous idea of regaining her fortune by setting up a Brownies group. And… that’s about it really.

Right off of the bat, the movie wants us to side with this horrible excuse of a character that would make Donald Trump appear charitable and good minded in comparison. No respect at all for her employees, selling people on the notion that they too can get rich quick, and just constantly complaining about how everything is so bad for her. I mean for fucks sake, this would be out of touch with the masses even if it was released fifteen years ago.
It would have been very different if the character Melissa is playing was one who had an arc of redemption, or was trying to make some changes to better herself. But she never does, her motivations remain the same right through the story irrespective of what is happening around her. For a comedy that has someone who you just despise is a bad decision. Remember her role in “Identity Thief”? I had hoped that would never happen again, but it was deja-vu in here.

The script and storyline in here are woeful attempts at comedy and characterisation, really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Peter Dinklage looks straight-out embarrassed to be in here as the “rival ex lover”, and is given all but nothing to do. Kristen Bell along with Melissa McCarthy are trying to inject something into their performances, which you have to give them some credit for, but it is all to no good. Present it however you want to on the platter, the horribly unfunny writing and severely dated context to the subject matter passes off as just being ugly.
Honestly, I had a hard time making it through this one readers. Several moments I had to mute the audio to get a few seconds of peace. It just gnaws at your senses in the most uncomfortable way – everything is loud and raucous and carrying plenty of gross-out sequences, but none of it manages to hit anywhere on the board.

I wanted to give this even the smallest chance of winning me over, but it didn’t take long for “The Boss” to smash those hopes into the dirt. What is it with Melissa McCarthy still having such a hit-and-miss career? I was one of the few that enjoyed the humour in the “Ghostbusters” remake simply because it was better than my low expectations and offered a few genuine laughs throughout. And yet here? Just sweet fuck-all. She and her team are much better, it is a disappointment that I am kind of pissed I had to sit through. So from one fan to another, y’all can skip this one, just don’t.


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