“Trolls (2016)” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


I have to tell you all that it feels a bit depressing, to follow up last week’s review for the surprise smash “Storks” with something that falls right into the bargain bin pile that I expected it to go in. “Trolls” is one of the more recent attempts to cash in on a recognisable toy franchise, and if anything, it reminded me why I worked so hard to remove them from my memory in the first place.

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“Storks” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


I know it isn’t fair to judge a book by its cover, or, a movie by the cover image. But this one in particular might have you internally screaming in distaste, with all sirens telling you to put it back on the shelf with haste. But every now and then, you may be putting away a bit of a hidden gem. And “Storks” may well be one of those rarities.

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“The Purge: Election Year” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


The original may have been a flawed, but very interesting idea, but the series has really snowballed over the past few years. And the release of “The Purge: Election Year” during the political times of 2016 made certain that this was out to make a statement. But does that still hold relevance now?

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“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Season 1 Review – Event Horizon Cinema


Who’s up for some miserable and heart-smashing TV? Oh, you are? Well, you’ve come to the right place sirs and madams, with the first season of the Netflix Original series “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. Will you be left crushed by the inhumanity of it all, or just mildly shaken? Here’s my two bits on the opening season.

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