Greetings, visitors from far and near!

Welcome to Event Horizons Cinema, my newest venture into the murky and beautiful waters of casual film critique.This has been a hobby of mine for several years now, with entries on a previous blog and on Facebook. But it felt like the right time for a shift in things, and so, this was born.

Like I said, I’m a casual film reviewer, but also someone who entered the realm of movie fandom at quite a late stage. It was only around 2008 that I really got back into watching new releases and classics, so as you can imagine, I have a long road ahead. But that is the enjoyment that will come from this little project – there will always be titles both old and new to check out.

So, as well as posting reviews whenever I can, there will also be discussion entries about genres, the industry, and the process of reviewing movies. So, if you consider yourself a film buff, or are new to the playground and have no idea where to go, feel free to join in as we check what lies beyond the Event Horizon!



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