“Passengers” Blu Ray Movie Review


It’s been a hell of a long time since my local rental source offered a new release on Blu Ray (probably since Suicide Squad), and in hindsight it seems a bit of a pity that it turned out to be “Passengers”. On the face it may seem like an interesting little Sci Fi / Romantic Drama, but it hides a terrible, terrible secret. So get yourselves ready, and yes, some spoilers ahead on this one!

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“Independence Day: Resurgence” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


A sequel 20 years in the making… or that is what they’d probably try to to sell you on with “Independence Day: Resurgence”. Although whatever you say about the very mixed reviews that the original got, it made a shit load of money for the studio. So much so that it pretty much launched the genre of the Disaster Blockbuster. So after all that time, can this recapture the strange success that the 90’s hit did?

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“The Angry Birds Movie” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


Apologies first for not showing the home release cover, but it seems to be a hard one to track down in searches. But more to the point… this was SO CLOSE to being so good. Looking at that poster above you’d never in a million years think that. And yet it was so on-track to success. So where did it all fall apart? Well, let me explain…

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“Alice Through the Looking Glass” DVD Review – Event Horizon Cinema


The release of the 2010 live action “Alice in Wonderland” was a huge success financially,  but was one of those movies that I was automatically turned off by.There were plenty of reasons behind that, but the movie still classified as a giant hit. It seemed fairly logical for a sequel to follow, but will people be interested, nearly six years on from the original?

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“The Boss” DVD Movie Review


Melissa McCarthy is an actress that I have found myself rooting for more than not, especially when her performance in last year’s “Spy” led to a properly enjoyable and fun comedy. She definitely has the talent when the right team and script are behind her. This? Well, whatever label you would give to the opposite end of the spectrum, this would fit into that.

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