“Monster Trucks” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


Some of you may remember that 2017 didn’t quite start off all that well, and the release that summarised all of the gloom was this slice of baffling imagery only known as “Monster Trucks”. Now that it has hit home release to the sound of no fanfare whatsoever, I can no longer ignore it. But… is there a surprise result on the table ?

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“Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


The script pitch of raunchy comedies based on characters in a mid-ish life crisis getting into wacky situations shows no signs of running out of gas, with “Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates” being the latest effort to enter home release. It did well in the box office which goes as far as to show that there’s still plenty of appetite for them from audiences, but what is fresh and new in this example?

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“Snowden” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


What was once the hot potato, is now the hot topic. And even though it feels odd to see a Biopic being made on such recent events, the story of Edward Snowden remains one that is very relevant to people worldwide. I have not seen the previous theatrical release based on similar events, so have no gauge on that in terms of quality comparison. But let’s have a quick look through this for your consideration.

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“Swiss Army Man” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


You know, I have been down the rabbit hole of cinematic weirdness before, ranging from the peculiar to the downright ludicrous. But this one, “Swiss Army Man”, takes the fucking biscuit. If you take anything else away from today’s review, it can be that you will never have seen anything like this before. Or, I hope so at least.

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“Operation Avalanche” DVD Movie Review – Event Horizon Cinema


Movies that are based on conspiracies can get a real battering when they try and convince you that what they are telling is true. And there’s been more than enough chatter over the Moon Landings to fill a click-bait website for the next decade. So why care for this release, “Operation Avalanche”? Well, let’s take a look into that today.

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